dan (dan501) wrote,

the welding watermelon



sunday night. they're still building center camp. curtain goes up in scant hours. I thought I'd just completed the adventure of my first night out and about. but no - the adventure of the evening is just getting underway. the game is afoot.

I jaunt into the as yet unfinished center camp. I offer the toilers watermelon gum. I do that a lot. I intend to give away the last of it and head off to fais dodo. I strike up converation with the redhead swede. I chit, she chats whilst she paints center camp. I learn she's a laser artist. I sit agog as she withdraws a laser pointer from her pocket. I'm amazed as she produces what appears to be a plain piece of window glass from another pocket. I realize my previous agog amazement was warranted when she made a dragonfly upon the wall by shining the laser through the glass.

amongst other things about which we chit is the about-to-go-to-waste watermelon she's got holed up in her tent. she has no knife with which to slice and dice it. she promises her watermelon to me. which is awesome. see, I've been on a manifesting kick lately. leading up to burning man, I manifested a mirror stage on which to spin fire. I manifested a curtain of cds. one of my burning man goals was to manifest a watermelon. I knew it to be a lofty goal, indeed. I'd planned to bring a couple of watermelons, for to give away, but I failed. to compensate for failed planning and execution, I enlist magic and manifestation. this girl giving me a watermelon and realizing my intent to manifest one - in the middle of the desert - is quite a triumph.

monday, I venture back to center camp to find her and receive my watermelon. sho'nuff, I find her and watermelon, as promised.

as I head home from centercamp, triumphant hero returning from yet another successful hunt, I saw a guy welding sculpture which was to adorn center camp. don't know where I got the inspiration but I decided that a picture of the watermelon helping him weld would be the thing.

the guy was completely cooperative and excellent to work with. he repositioned, he welded when I said, he was patient. he slowed his productivity to a crawl for the sake of my art. I was reassured that I was in the cool place.. where else do you approach a stranger wielding welding and tell him that you'd like to direct him and a watermelon in a photoshoot right now? and where else does it actually transpire? it must have taken 45 minutes and many failed attempts to distill the correct composition and lighting. in the end it was worth the time. this photo remains one of my favorite examples of my work.
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