dan (dan501) wrote,

lucky dust



they're trying to build a temple.

every year they build a temple. every year it's a powerful temple. this year, this temple was a quarter mile long and you could walk from stem to stern. some of the time, you stood in line like ralphie waiting for santa claus. some of the time, you could go there and be alone.

after yet another occasion that I was out all night, I fetched stomach ammo and art ammo and took a jaunt out to the temple to make cliche photos of the temple at dawn. not as action packed as sabres at dawn, but more along the lines of photos I prefer to make.

unfortunately, others had the same bright idea... I felt like the fisherman standing on the pier, amidst the long line of fisherman standing on the pier. a little better because I am obviously a better photographer than them; whereas once one's hook is in the water, one's luck has to outluck the next one's luck in order to hook the unlucky fish.

as luck would have it, the prime phototaking opportunities came and went. we, the photographers, packed it up, packed it in, and prepared to split. the luck part came with the dust. after the other guys bailed, the dust came and the photos got better. sucks to their assmar.
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