dan (dan501) wrote,

not quite an obelisk



burning man is laid out like a clock.
the man is at the axis. the center, outward from whence the hands radiate.
center camp is at 6oclock, there are big markers at 3 and 9 oclock (prometheatrics was at 9 oclock).
the temple is at 12 oclock.

the circumference of this clock is about a mile and a half. at 12 oclock, about halfway between the man and the temple, there was a something.

I cannot recall whether, when I first arrived, there was any indication that there was to be a something. if not, an indication came fairly soon. the tower, however, didn't get fully erect until a few days after the curtain rose. the playa surrounding this erect tower was all mushy and made biking hard.
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