dan (dan501) wrote,

wedding, rocky and pride. oh my.

today was a long day.
as trixijanet astutely pointed out, yesterday was even longer. and now you're older still.

so I started today by going to sleep around 5am.

I woke up around 9 so I could get picked up at 10 to go to a wedding. you know what being in france and then really busy for a week does to your wedding gift buying schedule? those pithy excuses weren't the real problem. the real problem is procrastination. I have the easiest time in the world buying wedding gifts. I decided a while ago that from then on, I will ALWAYS give a love swing to the newlyweds. so, since I know what the gift is going to be, and I go to weddings once in a while, you'd figure I'd be smart and keep a few of them handy, right? well I didn't have any. I'm relying on the wedding gifts are due within 1 year of the wedding thing to avoid being rude.

after the wedding, we went to the gay pride festival in west hollywood. it was fun. we walked around, I made some lesbian friends, I got checked out by more men than I could count. and I had an unusual flirting session with a lesbian I've known for a while. as far as I knew, she was one of the women-only leaningest lesbians around. yet I found out today that about once a year, she has sex with a guy. that once per year just happened for her. I asked if she's taking applications for next year. now, I flirt with lesbians often. they know I'm kidding, I know I'm kidding, so it's a fun flirting environment. some of my most effective flirting is done with people I either don't want to score with or who I know don't want to score with me. I pointed out to her that it's a different spin on the lesbian flirting game to be flirting with a lesbian who just told me that yes she is accepting man-applications for next time and that I don't seem half bad.

karinlewicki had a grand time observing the blatant man stares of checking me out in all my flamboyancy.

you'd think I'd have big blue and green socks

I expressed frustration there's nothing I could possibly do to elicit the same great reaction from a large group of girls. her best explanation is that girls don't stare at what they want because it's not proper and they (girls) are somewhat oppressed and prim.

she also explained that girls don't pay much attention when talking to newguy. if he's cute, they (girls) think about whether or not he'll be good in bed. they (girls) don't really care about what's actually said. hmmmmm

then it was on to rocky.

I had a great time chillin with cassie
do I look stoned?
out front and meeting and greeting people and watching her do the same.

the music was swell and the theme was apparent even to me.

I learned that tortillas will be a-flyin' at future sins rocky performances. show up. bring tortillas. be offended.

it's now 4:30 am. I'm getting up around 7:30-8 to get picked up to go to west hollywood to participate in the gay pride parade with rainbow carnage on the hedwig float.

... and tomorrow's even longer.
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