dan (dan501) wrote,

climby climby on the playa


I know what you're thinking. you're thinking that I messed up and posted this one upside down.
or you're thinking that I have used photoshoppy camera tricks to make the world appear upside down.

you're so wrong.

at burning man '03, I found the coolest jungle jim ever. it was like dr. seuss hooked up with mc escher and made me a toy upon which to climb. it was called the climbax. I spent a fair amount of time looking for it again this past year.

I found its successor nearish the temple. as I was supposed to, I climbed it. as this girl done did. I done hung upside down, I did.

as downside up I hung, I pointed my camera at mr. temple.
so you see, this picture is the result of upside downness, not camera trickness.
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